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Flashes of brilliance.

Lightening clip 19-07-2016  GIF
Lightening GIF. Just one flash. Filmed on 19/07/16. 3am.


A vast landscape captured in the whitest lightest,

Faster than my human eye,

Every thing illuminated.

Searing my retina with photonic brilliance,

leaving me breathless with static,

then back to black unconsciousness.

No thunder clapped that night.

Just a powerful jolt, a massive release of energy,

Sparking, sprinting out across the open sky

Each blast connecting me, bodily, to






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Write to be free. Eastside Gallery, Berlin. 1994.

A bit of a performance. 1994. From a parallel blog dimension!


(2016) The next entries in the diary are an incredible jumble of lists and ideas, thoughts and snippets of ‘caught inspiration! It is tricky to see just how to translate or share them.

From the darkness rose light!

I bumped into an experimental, techno D.J. who like my ‘words’ and, as we were both at rock bottom, we determined to work together.

We devised a show.

I collected my very random, automatic-writing, scrawlings into some kind of form. He matched music to the words. I wore a huge vintage white dress onto which were projected images of Berlin taken by another talented friend who ran the lighting desk. I disappeared and reappeared in the image. It was more of a performance art piece really. A ‘happening’. I performed the ‘poetry’ in bare feet, with swan feathers tied into my hair. The complete antithesis to Berlins big booted and…

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Woh! This is it. Kind of.

Constructal Law.

This is what has been nagging my inner insatiably curious consciousness! What I have been trying to articulate!
Perhaps best expressed by my old, photographic Argyll mandalas after all!

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I have always been fascinated by natural patterns and cycles. Always. And more recently become pretty obsessed with how many of them could be applied to human social interactions and behaviour….suggest solutions even…pardon the pun!
In the way ripples ‘cross’ and fade, for instance, I have been seeing nations colliding, political parties, communities, individuals, tribes and observing how in water they seem to meet, there is disturbance, but somehow the rings remain intact in both directions, taking the path of least resistance, as they grow and fade….perhaps we should be examining this more closely, for clues, I’d been thinking….
These tree-like patterns have also always obsessed me! Imposing symmetry on them when making mandalas has led to many surprising humanoid patterns emerging.

I recently became very energised by the NASA imagery of the ‘new’ discovery of our, much bigger than previously imagined, super cluster, home in space, Laniakea.

Laniakea supercluster.

I instantly saw the neural structure of the human brain, drawn by the light of travelling planets, suns and stars, which led quickly on to comparisons with lungs, deltas, trees, plants, coral etc…..this pattern made me seriously wonder if my old, loved, Heathens All (the band) quote “I am a cell in one body filling all space.” might actually be on the brink of being proved as an absolute truth, a law of science even! And the consequences of that kind of scientific announcement would be very exciting indeed….for our sustainability, the future of any kind of global ‘council’ based on the survival of mankind, our evolutionary understanding of each other….it even opens up another loved topic of mine, telepathy, as a possible, natural evolution!

I guess I stumbled into this whole way of ‘seeing’ when I first encountered OM. Ironically, as this is more a resonance, associated with sound, than a visual experience! The whole sound of life itself.

I began to see myself living as a particle in an ever changing energyscape.

There is an innate morality attached to this. A tendency towards peace rather than conflict, a voiced belief in love, a feeling of connection when one encounters like-minded strangers, a need to, rather than a fear of, connect/connecting with that that is different, a shared happiness/hope, harmony over dissonance.

I feel like we are now ‘seeing’ the vastness of OM illustrated!

A baby is born only able to grow within its visual, sensual, limited environment….as it’s environment widens so it’s mind evolves….

Perhaps the human race is simply seeing more, understanding more, perhaps more is being revealed!?….there will be huge adjustments, possible disturbances, but if we all turn and look more closely at the patterns all around us, and outside of us, in nature (I include space!), I am sure there is much that can be applied! Instead of gazing at our own unparalleled achievements as the work of God…naval gazing at an extraordinary level! Does anyone else feel as if things have actually officially crossed the line into ridiculousness in this regard??!

Laugh, I nearly died.

Due to my sudden and deeply immersive reintroduction to meditation simultaneously coinciding with this very huge idea, I have often the feeling, now, that I am, literally, plugging into a source and have experienced real feelings of bliss and genuine belonging. With, so far, very positive grounding, calming, centring effect on my anxiety and paranoia! (the original reason for returning to the practice). Perhaps those rare moments when we all stop and just make ourselves open to receiving are really VERY important….really can change the world.

Just look at a tree.

I do not know about calculus and am no physicist….this has always been just me and my kooky ideas….in this is what makes me happy, what turns me on….and, more recently, all that gives me inspiration…..and real hope…as by stopping and trusting, I AM effecting real change in my immediate environment.

Global freedom of movement? (see energy flow), freedom of speech coupled with the ability to hear and debate rationally, reasonably for the greatest good? (see survival mechanisms in all cell colonies, observe elemental forces for applications), the application of this new understanding of happiness?( the need for positive proof).

A Kalki ‘sword’?

A wave of truth?

We all have to want happiness. Not this outcome, or that outcome. Plain old, over-all, generally applied, HAPPINESS! It is o.k. to examine what makes you happy….what makes others around you happy….how best to achieve that….really think about it….. then just do that.

I wonder what the author thinks re-Bhutan’s move toward Global National Happiness!

The first?

Politically, everything could, naturally, become alot clearer as realization dawns!

“You may say I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one..” and when human scientists begin to discuss this in calculus, if they make a law of it?

Then many of us old ‘hippies’ have been ‘going with the flow’ all along, no?