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Write to be free. Eastside Gallery, Berlin. 1994.

A bit of a performance. 1994. From a parallel blog dimension!


(2016) The next entries in the diary are an incredible jumble of lists and ideas, thoughts and snippets of ‘caught inspiration! It is tricky to see just how to translate or share them.

From the darkness rose light!

I bumped into an experimental, techno D.J. who like my ‘words’ and, as we were both at rock bottom, we determined to work together.

We devised a show.

I collected my very random, automatic-writing, scrawlings into some kind of form. He matched music to the words. I wore a huge vintage white dress onto which were projected images of Berlin taken by another talented friend who ran the lighting desk. I disappeared and reappeared in the image. It was more of a performance art piece really. A ‘happening’. I performed the ‘poetry’ in bare feet, with swan feathers tied into my hair. The complete antithesis to Berlins big booted and…

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