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Quote on imagination in meditation.

“Imagination can become as active in meditation as it is in dream sleep. Sometimes the mere vividness of the experience can convince the practioner that what he or she ‘remembers’ is a true recall of events. Since the critical faculties in the meditative state are somewhat repressed, it is important not to take some of the revelations that may occur too literally. There is a saying: “Even if the angels of heaven come to one with a special message, simply ignore them and simply carry on cultivating your focused attention.””

from ‘Natural Mind Meditation: Dzogchen Mahamudra and the Dynamic Awakening of Human Consciousness’ by Rodney. P. Devenish.

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Lightly child, lightly. Aldous Huxley quote.


“It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. I was so preposterously serious in those days… Lightly, lightly – it’s the best advice ever given me…So throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly my darling.”

– Aldous Huxley

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Another quote from ‘The Transformation’ by George Leonard.


“The time has surely come for our leaders to apply all they know about structure and discipline and focused effort to something more than maintaining a dying and deadening civilization; for executives and board members of established institutions to seize the initiative of radical change, beginning with the painful and finally joyful process of changing themselves.
When a great culture dies in a vacuum in that aspect of the present we call future, drawing us towards something we simply cannot conceive. The vacuum will be filled. If humour and intelligence and compassion are to have a hand in filling it, there is little time to waste. There is little time for the painstaking work of creating a new politics, a new education, a new culture that starts with the best in the old – leaving off dominance and greed and narrow individualism but not respect for the personal nor appetite for exploration; following joy but not fearing pain.”

The Transformation : George Leonard 1972

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It is all magic. Quote from ‘The Transformation’ by George Leonard. 1972.


“This is an extraordinary imaginative and at once disquieting and exhilarating book about our current social, personal and environmental crises.”


“It is all magic. Civilisation long ago cast a spell over human-kind, dulling human senses to what is most vivid and fascinating, infecting them with a dis-ease so persuasive that it has come to be assumed as part of the given. Newtonian science made the spell even more powerful by providing effective mechanical means for achieving most of the ancient dreams of magical will and manipulation. But Newtonian magic was so strong that it has proved its own undoing, spinning us out past the perceptual limits set by Civilization itself. It has created a surplus of information just as powerful and potentially disruptive as was the surplus grain of sand that destroyed tribal life and triggered the birth of Civilization.

And now information whirls around this globe with unprecedented speed and in incredible quantities. Ancient wisdom and new ideas beat around our heads, confusing us, but also disrupting the sleep of our senses. Information gained from spaceships helps us to understand we need no spaceships. Information about electronic fields blends with information from an esoteric oriental discipline to help us sense the fields of life and being in which we all exist. The information surplus creates unlikely juxtapositions. Images of Bushmen hunting fade into images of space flight. The words of William Blake and B.F.Skinner come at us from the same television channel – two uncompromising theorists, one saying that mental things are alone real, the other saying that even self-aware consciousness is a construct.

We begin to understand – vaguely, incompletely – that all things are real. It is only a small step from there to the awesome realisation of our ultimate power to select a universe of our choice from an infinite number of possible universes. We need look no further for a lifetime filled to the brim. As Don Juan says, “our lot is to learn and to be hurled into inconceivable new worlds.”

The terror of the ordinary chills us, paralyses our perceptions, prevents that little motion needed to step into a more intense reality. We fear, perhaps more than anything else, to give up out neuroses, our discontents, out diseases. Simply to be at ease fills us with fear. We rush for the sanctuary of our sickness, the safety of the morning news, the stock market,the pennant race. We search for chemical drugs or the powerful drug of consumerism. We plunge into the forgetfulness of ‘education’ and ‘culture’, then go on trying to change everything except ourselves.
But glimpse through unscaled eyes invites another glimpse.
Overcoming our terror, we may at last be able to see ourselves in that grain of sand or a leaf or our lover’s face. We may realise that we need not seek connection, for we are already connected to all existence….we meet ourselves around every corner of time.
Whether we will it or not, we are in the very business of recreating the world at every new instant. In the realisation of this act we may find a new freedom – to explore, to experience, to be. We may chose to live in an ever changing universes….we may choose to alter time, or to become one with a friend or a tree, or even to see the earth itself becoming transparent, glistening in ever brighter colours at every level of transparency.
Here, conventional limitations simply do not apply.”

From “The Transformation ( chpt. Gleamings on the water) by George Leonard 1972.


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‘A music of Transformation is rising.’ George B. Leonard.


Just came across this in the modestly (!) titled “The Transformation: A Guide to the Inevitable Changes in Humankind” by George B. Leonard.

(I wanted to edit out the ‘American’ references, but that would not have been true to this expression and the time it was being expressed and helped me to acknowledge another uncomfortable truth.)

“…the oppressor CAN express his guilt and fear of retaliation.He CAN recognise, through the oppressed, the spontaneity, the joy, even the ability to perceive that he has to hide somewhere in the sterile suburb of his senses. Through pain and recognition, the most profound of learning -that is, significant human change- can take place. In breaking through the many barriers made explicit by race, you break through all barriers to some extent.
It must be said , however, that it rarely happens this openly and directly in this society, for it requires communication on the level of emotions as well as intellect and is impeded by the pervasive rationalisation usually practised by obvious racist and liberal alike. And yet, here in America-bit by bit, willy-nilly-the learning has been taking place. Unfortunately, perceptions are only awakened by explosions and fires, for the cry of the heart cannot reach those who sleep as if drugged. And it is said that laws are needed to insure simple consideration and courtesy. I once asked Martin Luther King Jr. if laws could change the human heart. “Laws can’t change men’s hearts,” he told me, “but they can change men’s behaviour. When the behaviour changes, the hearts may follow.” It may seem a matter of regret that the awakening of perceptions so often increases the expression of prejudice. But feelings must be expressed in some way before they can be dealt with. The mere presence of large and increasingly vocal minorities in this country moves us toward change. Through the rage and fear and confusion, a music of Transformation is rising, blending European, African, Latin American and Oriental, in a peculiarly American way. Sometimes you even hear it on Musak.”

Published in 1972.

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Absolute Totality.Rodney P. Devenish.


“Intuitive insight is born out of inquiry. It is here that meaningful ‘questioning’ has to be raised. The nature of the question runs along the lines of “Who am I?” or “Who questions?” “All things are reducible to the one;what then is the one reducible to?” “What is the difference between ‘abiding mind’ and the ‘mind in activity’-is this one mind or two minds?””What observes the mind?” As a technique, the raising of such meaningful but paradoxical questions becomes a powerful tool for summoning great energy and focus. This is what Chinese Ch’an calls facing the ‘great doubt’ (da yiqing), in which the immediacy of the question is not unlike having one’s nose literally pressed up against the blank ‘iron wall’ of the inquiry. The key point of the YOGA OF NON-PROLIFERATION is to raise question in such a way as to directly introduce the mind to its own face.”

From “Natural Mind Meditation: Dzoghen Mahamudra and the Dynamic Awakening Of The Consciousness.” by Rodney P. Devenish (The Dharma Fellowship)