Cailleach. Painting on cow skull. 2017.


I found a near-bare cow skull in a bog near here around 3 years ago. Since then it has bleached out nicely in the garden. A shout out from the Edinburgh Beltane crew inspired this take on the Cailleach, to perhaps become part of a poster advertising their Samhuinn Fire Festival.

'Callileach' painted cow skull. 2017


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‘Kleshas’. Now finished???


Or alternatively titled ‘Why won’t my thoughts stay still like Buddha’s?’!
I was not completely happy with this so have spent a bit longer on it. It has got darker, but that is part of its meaning to me.

Kleshas. Finished?
Mixed media (home produced charcoal, earth, bronze pigment and linseed oil) 300mm x 400mm on fine cartridge paper.